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Expanded Timeline Issues - Vision 2019 Pro

Started by Ave663, November 29, 2022, 11:16:33 PM

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Hi... Newbie here and having issues with expanded timelines

I am doing a historical timeline and am having problems with milestones I am trying to put onto my expanded timeline not showing, and instead only appearing on the main timeline. Has anyone else seen this? Wierd thing is, sometimes when i am trying to set up my milestone on the expanded one, using my mouse to click OK to the set the data up produces this problem and using the RETURN key to enter the same data works...but it's not all the time...i can't reproduce the working one... it fails 95% of the time and it's doing my head in... ARGH!

Thoughts? Thanks in advance...


Sorted it!

It's a bug... if your expanded timeline is grouped with other objects it refuses to let you add milestones into it easily... just displaying them on the main timeline. Remove the grouping, and it works...although if you have had any previous "duplicates" of miletones appearing on both timelines still there after grouping, deleting them on one timeline deletes all and you have to put them all in again as new milestones to break the association and create as new...


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