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Started by alk, November 13, 2022, 08:17:44 PM

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I've not tried running 2 versions of Visio, so I won't address any possible issues with that.

V2013 can do everything V2007 can and more.  I was a forever V2007 holdout.  But once I tried V2019, well, no looking back.

QuoteWhat is happening, where are the files I open getting the templates from?
This is a bit confusing.  When you launch Visio, the templates should already be available.  That when they get loaded...normally.  Opening a file, even one that was built from a template, should not call any templates.

In some of the earlier responses, I see what looks like an interchangeably use of "stencils" and "templates".  These are 2 very different entities.  Stencils are files that contain organized collections of shapes.  This type of file has .he's as basic root file extension.  A "template" is a mutations reference configuration file.  It may contain a basic layout drawing page, multiple stencils, page settings.  The user gets a convenient starting point.   At some point, the template gets appropriately named and filed as a drawing with a vsd type of extension.  The opening this saved drawing can recall all stencils that were open when last saved.

So, are you dealing with multiple stencils or multiple templates?

Next question, does this problem show up if you open the problem file in V2013?

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Paul Herber

Looking at the PDF you posted in your first message, the 3 files down the left hand side all all stencils, in their sort of normal location. The other open files containing the quite complex thumbnail shapes are also stencils. What we can't see is the actual drawing. However, if you close all the shape files on the right-hand side, then save your diagram then all should be well.
Another however. Do you have my Visio Utilities installed? Have you setup a path for start-up stencils? If so then that could be where they are coming from.

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Yes Wapperdude, still holding out wint visio2007-without my floating toolbars and clip manager, I feel lost- if you tell me these 2 feature are also in visio 2013/2019 I may give it another try.

Yes the problem is with both visio2007 & 2013.

You are right-my problem is STENCILES, I got the terms mixed up. I have a standard TEMPLATE called 17, when I open it I want my standard stenciles attached, however many unwanted repeats of STENCILES open up as well.
Sometimes I need to wait a long time for an old file of mine to load because of all the stenciles I see opening up in at the same time as the file I am recalling.

...I decided to delete all the superfolous stenciles, I counted x147 of them!
-No path for stenciles in PATHS.
-I don't know what Visio Utilities is so probably don't have it installed.



147 is lot.  To be sure that would be slow and annoying.  You said you deleted those.  I presume you re-saved. If not, I fear you'll have to re-delete.  If you did save, does that solve your problem?

Since both Visio versions exhibited the problem, it would seem there's not a unique to one or the other.
Paul has developed an add-on, Super Utilities, which is a collection of "tools" to augment / provide solutions for frequent tasks that Visio either doesn't have, doesn't exist, or otherwise is obtuse.  Minimal cost.

The new GUI, beginning with V2010, packs a lot more, semi steadily available commands.  Some are not organized/placed as expected from earlier versions / common sense.  But, thru repeated use, you learn the idiosyncrasies.  I admit, such was the primary reason for my clutching onto V2007.  But once my fingers were pried open, and I experienced the expanded capabilities, object model...well, by V2019, Visio had settled down reasonably well.  Before I retired, work had V2010.  Ugh!  Each successive released version had performance improvements/features.

What specific V2007 features are you interested in?
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Hi, I have never heard of object modeling, my Visio needs are very simple, see my website.

v2007 I like being able to use floating toolbars, and also Microsoft Clip Organizer, it is easy to drag and drop a new icon/shape into the Organizer, then simply move them accross to my store of wmf clipart folders.
-Name one useful feature for me, I notice that all the drawing tools are the same, only thing that attracts me is the smaller file size for vdsx, when I have large files eg 100mb, the saving time can be prohibitive!

I deleted and saved all the open files as you suggested, yes, there are no extra stenciles opening.
When I open an old file, I am getting an average of 4 extra stenciles, not bad, I think I probably saved them with extra stenciles open and there is no way to get rid of them now. I have 6k files which were saved with extra stenciles attached!


PROBLEM SOLVED, GREAT wapperdude, one I did as you suggested, delete all the extr stenciles and save, they are not as bothersome as before, today I only have x4 extra ones floating around, beats 147! Now I can cut down on my tranquilizers!


Sholom !
Quote from: alk on November 14, 2022, 08:26:54 PM
Hi, I have never heard of object modeling, my Visio needs are very simple, see my website.
Wow, you made these sketchs in Visio ?
Quote from: alk on November 14, 2022, 08:26:54 PM
I have 6k files which were saved with extra stenciles attached!
I modify my code for you there


Thanks S.,
Unfortunately I can't use it, to follow the video you sent me was too complicated for my zero VBA abilities.
Effort and assitance much appreciated.
Wapperdudes suggestion though seems to be working fairly well.

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