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colored connector line with black outline

Started by CookieEater200, December 05, 2022, 08:07:25 PM

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Hello :),

How do I make a yellow connector line with a black outline? (see the attachment)

I asked a similar question before ( black outline with white interior)at

The technique used in the previous post forces the inside of the connector line to be transparent while the outline takes the color selected. That is not what I am attempting to do. Advice please?



I really don't see an obvious way to do it by changing the options on the right side of the screen.

The fill doesn't seem to do anything on the connector. When I put the compound type to the double lines with yellow color for the line, it makes a yellow contour. I am aiming for a yellow interior with black contour.

The only sub-optimal hack I can do is to attach multiple rectangles together and change the fill to yellow with a black outline .


Visio 2019 Pro


Another "option": a "glow" effect with 1px width black and line color set to yellow. Not perfect, very inefficient, but easy :)
Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to the problem (it's a pity though and makes wiring diagrams problematic)

Custom line type also works fine, but it has other drawbacks (harder to configure/maintain and does not work in my web export :D)


Thanks to wrapperdude and Nikolay for all the answers!  :D


The nice thing about line patterns is, that parts colored in pure black (RGB(0,0,0)) can be re-colored when used in the drawing.
All other colors are locked and will not change.
There was something with white, but I can't recall what it was.

This in mind, you can now draw in the pattern an elongated rectangle. Set its filling to pure black and its outline to the darkest possible grey so as to mimic a black - e.g. MSOTINT(RGB(0,0,0),5), or RGB(1,0,0).
Now you've got a line pattern, that you cannot only color in yellow, but any color that the RGB range offers.

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