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Visio 2007 Org Chart Blocks

Started by fredhinke, July 23, 2021, 12:04:23 AM

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Using Visio 2007 Org Chart Wizard importing data from an Excel file. First time using this wizard and generally things work OK but -

1. Using Block 5 to display an employee code. These codes can have leading zeros (001234, 023456, etc). The cells in excel are a lookup formula pulling from another data source and the excel cells do show the leading zeros. Sometimes, but not always the leading zeros get dropped. Tried manually editing - no luck. Tried manual editing adding a leading period (.001234) hoping the '.' would be inconspicuous and that gets 0.0012354.

2. Is there a way to control the order of the names? My spreadsheet has the Top Boss first of course, followed by Junior Boss #1 who I would like to have at the far left followed by that individuals employees and then Junior Boss #2 to the immediate right of Junior Boss #1. Visio gets all of the people in the right organizations but there seems to be no rhyme of reason to the relative order on the page. Issue is 6 months from now, a minor change - some one leaves and gets replaced - rerun the wizard and the chart look totally different.



Forcing the number of significant digits is difficult if not impossible.  But, you ought to be able to insert your codes as strings, that is, inside double quotes.  For example, instead of a nuimber 00573, which drops the leading two zeroes, insert as a string:  "00573".  Now each character is taken literally rather than as a number.  Thus, the entire string is disp;layed.  Should be fine as long as you don't try to do any math.
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