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Character Spacing Bad When Pasted Into Word 2013

Started by ee_writer, January 06, 2016, 05:43:16 PM

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When I paste a "Microsoft Visio Drawing Object" into Word 2013, the character spacing looks bad on screen in Word, from printer from Word, and from PDF (XPS/PDF) from Word. Although spacing problem are most noticeable with Arial Narrow, the problem also occurs with other fonts. I've tested with 6pt. and 12pt. text. I'll attempt to attach some tiny samples (screen captures - "bad spacing.png" is from a portion of a PDF).

Character spacing looks fine in on screen in Visio (2013), and in PDF (PDF/XPS plug-in) from Visio. I was not having this problem when using Word 2007 / Visio 2007 and the same pasting method.

If memory serves me, I saw similar problems long ago and it went away with software updates. I couldn't say for sure it was early versions of Word/Visio 2007, but I think so.

Am I missing some cockpit problem, bug fix, or is this a known bug for newer Word/Visio combinations?


Follow-up: this issue appears to have been fixed by Microsoft Update (7/2016).


Can you provide more info on which update you applied? I can't seem to locate a July 2016 update for Word 2013.



Sorry, I can't identify a specific update (Word or Visio). At the time, I did not see mention of kerning or spacing fixes in the patch details. (Because of the problem, I was trying to read about each patch at that time.) My application of Microsoft's updates is IT-department managed and deployed so it was probably delayed from the original availability date. The spacing issue just mysteriously improved after a group of many updates were installed.

I previously mentioned that Word/Visio 2007 was okay. But, in fact, when had I first started using Word/Visio 2007 it had the same spacing problems which continued for a long time (year 2008-2009?) before it mysteriously was corrected by Microsoft update.

My only recommendation is to apply all available Word and Visio updates using Microsoft Update. I think when you embed Visio in Word, it is effectively outputting an EMF. At one point, I think I had success exporting a WMF from Visio and pasting the WMF into Word. But the same spacing problems appeared trying that with an EMF.


Thank you very much for the response. I have been looking at the updates, though only for Word, and I think I am up to date but it's not as easy as it used to be to get updates to MS products, so I am not sure if I am missing one. I will also take a look at Visio for updates. I chatted with MS support and for a fee, they told me they can fix this issue. That tells me either it's configuration related or there's a patch I don't have. Oh and they said it could have been fixed in minutes. If all else fails I'll go that route, but I need to do more digging first.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.



I don't know if the kerning (character spacing) problem returned or I was mistaken about it being fixed. It's still a problem.

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