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Cross-referencing with Word

Started by AndrewJ, May 14, 2013, 07:32:04 PM

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I am not an advanced user, but I am quite familiar with Visio's basic functions.
I am working on a very large scale project and have currently used the Process Number in Shape Data to identify processes.
What I plan to do is to have a Word document that contains a list of these processes, as reference to the Visio document. This would allow me to quickly and easily search processes across various departments (different Visio files) by having this consolidated list in Word.

I know how to use a hyperlink to connect a shape to a Word document, but when I try to go into the subaddress, the prompt says "You can only browse named locations in Visio drawing files".

Is there a way for me to interconnect or cross-reference the individual Visio shapes and their process numbers into a Word document? This would be beneficial especially if changes are made in either document (similar to what the Table of Contents functions does in Word).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, as this project is in its infancy and I am open to suggestions. We are many people working on this project and I want to establish parameters that everyone can use.

Thanks in advance!




Thank you Al, that is perfect! Very much appreciated!

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