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Started by AndrewJ, May 14, 2013, 08:12:56 PM

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I am using Visio 2013 and have a very unique problem. I am using the Process Number Shape Data field to number processes, but since the project I am working on is of a very large scale, I want to add letters before the numbers such as eg: FS001.

To do that, I right click on the shape, and go into Data > Define Shape Data > Label: Process Number

Then under Type, I change the field from Number to String.

Here is my problem:

This works great when I select and do it with 1 shape, but as soon as I select 2 or more shapes, Visio does not save these changes. So I am forced to do this one shape at a time. I am not sure what will happen when I have large processes with 50+ shapes and I can't CTRL click the shapes to make this change..
Any solution or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


save your modified shape as a master in 'myshapes' and then use it from there.


Thank you Al but I am not quite sure how to do that.
Could you please explain a bit more? I'm new to Developer mode and would really appreciate the help.