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Started by tommyboy, June 03, 2008, 07:11:32 PM

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Hi visio guy! I made a visio document with downloaded dell server stencils. They have a default list of labels. No problem I deleted the ones I didn't like and made new ones. When I make a new label it goes to the bottom of the list. I would like to move them around. Example, there is only one IP Address, I made another one but I would like it next to the other one but the one I made is at the bottom.


Sorry I should specify that I am using visio 2007


Right click your stencil's name. Click edit stencil. Now you can move them around just by dragging.
So drag your shapes to the desired location and save the stencil (a small save icon should have become visible to the right of the stencils name)

My bad i misunderstood.

Edit ur shape using the shapesheet. Look for the properties section and use the "SortKey" to order the shape data the way you want them.

Also can do this using the "Shapedata window" open (or select) your shape. go to data->shapedata. next you can use the "determine" (not sure how its called in English, its left of OK and cancel). You can edit all the shape data there, again you can use the sortkey to order the data to your liking.

- Lars


I don't see a sort key. Must be in developer mode. Not sure how to do that.


Some screenshots for you...


Ok found the checkbox for developer mode. Tools/options/advanced tab/advanced options checkbox for "run in developer mode". Now I see that I still need to change the from ROW_39 to a real name and add the sort name.


That should do it ... yepp
The name doesn't matter for ordering, only when both items have the same sortkey value.

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Also, SortKey takes strings or numbers so you can enter sort keys like:

10, 20, 30, 40 (old BASIC trick, in case you add more fields later)

or you can create subgroups:

"Net01", "Net02", "Net03", "HW01", "HW02", "HW03"

to create two groups, one related to networking properties, the other related to hardware.
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