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Started by nayone, June 03, 2008, 08:52:46 AM

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Hi there

All I want to do is to create a template file for flow mapping so I have made a page but every time I insert a new page & copy the content of the 1st page over I lose all my setting on the layers.

what I mean -
I have a number of buttons whose function is to hide or show the layers and in the shape sheet I have the following code to do this
under actions> Action.row_1 as action>
& Menu >
=IF(ThePage!Layers.Visible[4],"Hide Level One","Show Level One")

this gets reset to
=IF(REF(),"Hide Level One","Show Level One")

The smart tags seem to stay ok but also the order of the layers under > format > layer
also seem to change

any pointers as I can go in and manually change each one but think there should be something a bit smarter




If i recall, we had another problem similar to this.
Try different ways of copying, control + C copying and dragging holding shift give different results.


yup was using ctrl a - ctrl c - ctrl v

tried the menu to do the same with the same results

least its consistantly wrong I suppose  :D


Try giving the cells:

=Guard( Your formula )

See if that makes them hold there value

- Lars

Visio Guy

I don't think that the order of layers isn't guaranteed on copy-paste. Your formulas refer to the layers by index (ie: '[4]'), and these will be off if the order of your layers changes.

I wonder if you assigned a dummy shape to all the layers on one page (in a certain order even?) then copied that shape to a new page first, if it would help?
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tried to guard it & that didn't work

also tried your suggestion of making sure that there were correctly referenced layers to copy over & still comes out jumbled

can you refer in layer name rather than order.?

Visio Guy

Hi nayone,

You can shield the references inside of quote marks, so they won't get REF'd when you copy and paste. It looks like this:

= SETF("ThePage!Layers.Visible",NOT("ThePage!Layers.Visible"))
= SETF("ThePage!Layers.Visible[2]",NOT("ThePage!Layers.Visible[2]"))

You'll notice that the GETREF is gone, and the cell reference is inside of quotes. Visio first tries to evaluate strings as something it understands (ie: numbers, formulas, etc.) If it doesn't understand, then it just leaves it as a string. You can use this to your advantage in this case.

Note: if your layers get re-created in a different order, your formulas will toggle the wrong layers.

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