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Visio 2010 keeps crashing - HELP!!!

Started by groston, October 20, 2022, 04:42:28 PM

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I have Visio Premium 2010, V14.0.7266.5000) SP2 MSO (14.0.7268.5000) running on my Windows 7 machine. The program has worked great for years, but currently it seems to crash for no reason.

Here is the latest example: I created a new VSD file using the default Flowchart template. I added five shapes to the drawing and two connectors. I then right-clicked on one of the connectors, selected format->line, and as soon as I changed the arrow end type, I got a window with 'Microsoft Vision has stopped working'.

What on earth is going on??? I cannot think of anything more basic for this program to so.

Paul Herber

First, I would check that your Windows video drivers are up to date.
Also check that hardware acceleration is off.
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Thanks for the reply. I believe that the video drivers are all up to date (because about a year ago, the original video card died and I had a well-regarded shop a) figure that out and b) replace it). In terms of turning off hardware acceleration, are you talking about doing that via Graphics Settings? (I just tried to adjust Hardware Acceleration via Graphics Settings, but the button I need to click is grated out. Some posts suggested editing the registry, but the key mentioned does not exist. My graphics card in a AMD Radeon RX 560.)

Paul Herber

Visio -> Options -> Advanced -> Display
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