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Started by mbrault, July 08, 2020, 01:04:42 AM

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I am new to Visio guy....

I am looking for a stencil for 3d servers (file, database, etc...) like the 16 that are on Visio guy original web site but have moved here but I cannot find them. 

Any idea?


about 20 years ago, I heard about something called gaggle or giggle or maybe google.  Supposedly, it may help find information on that thing called the world wide webinator.   Might be of use to you.

seriously.....just google  "3D server visio stencil"   see the images / follow the links / tools ==> results ==>verbatim

A good site is www.visiocafe.com


Yes I have done giigle  ;) (I mean google searches) but this is the stencil I am looking for....

Paul Herber

That image is of Visio's own built-in servers stencil. At least that is how the stencil looked in the Visio 2010 days. In Visio 2016 the stencil has changed and the shapes now look different.
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