Subtle GUARD Behavior

Started by vojo, June 30, 2020, 12:41:50 PM

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So I do all kinds of crazy shapes.   In one of my shapes, I was debugging why, when I make a copy, it places the new shape 1000 light years away in the andromeda galaxy.

It turns that there is subtle behavior of GUARD

if Pinx = sheet.1000!pinx + 10mm....that shape can end up in Andromeda
    not consistant in same location when done several times
    (copy, exit, don't save changes, open, copy, exit don't save changes,etc)

if Pinx = guard(sheet.1000!pinx + 10mm)....copy is as predicted.

it appears that guard tells visio automation to use the formula guard, visio automation loses its mind

I went thru, found the missing guard...fixed it...verified with testcase above.

So guard appears to do more than just isolate function from user interface activities

just a heads up.ion