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Patterns in master shape not updated

Started by Sunray, July 01, 2020, 11:33:19 PM

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Hello everyone,

I think I came across a nasty bug in Visio 2019. When specifying a custom pattern in the Drawing Explorer, the version that is applied to a master shape will remain the only available version, in any master. Any updates to the pattern do not get passed on to the master shapes used in the document. Even deleting a pattern does not propagate the deletion to the master shapes; it remains available among the master shapes forever.

The issue persists with every new master shape you make. Even making a new stencil keep the same old (unedited) pattern. After some testing, it appears that there is some special place in the opened document (not the stencil) where patterns are stored specifically for applying to master shapes, which only gets updated after the first use of a pattern in a master shape (you can edit the pattern and it will use the updated one in the master shape, but only if you didn't use the pattern before).

Can anyone reproduce this and maybe some Visio expert can suggest a workaround?


I have not seen that problem (teams which I believe is basically 2019)


Would be helpful to have a upload example.

I've not noticed any behavior like that.  Rather not guess at what you're doing.
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