Embedded word document distortion

Started by trademark2, February 25, 2020, 05:17:15 PM

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This always just drives me up a wall. I will edit an embedded word document, and it always has moved slightly by the time i finish editing it and I have to move it back.

I figured out a way to prevent the MS word object from resizing itself and moving around, but now the text becomes distorted. See picture.

What I want is the embedded word document to display in a normal, consistent size, only in that space. If there's text beyond that space it should not be shown until i resize the box displaying it Manually

The reason is that that I want this word document to be inside the custom container I made... but when i edit it just jumps out of the container and resizes itself.

Visio Guy

I've been wondering about this for years!

I swear there is a way to get it working, but it's so far back in my memory, I can't find it!
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