Loss of Screen Tips when Importing to LucidChart

Started by mike864, December 23, 2019, 04:57:42 PM

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I'm working in Visio 2016 and then importing into Lucidchart.  However, my screen tips stop working in Lucidchart.  Does anybody have a solution to this?  I suspect this is a problem at the Visio end rather than Lucidchart.  Although, I might be wrong here.  Some advice will be welcome on possible workarounds.  I can rebuild the screen tips in Lucidchart but I have a lot of screen tips so I want to avoid this if I can.

Paul Herber

I don't see how it can be a Visio problem. Microsoft designed the file format and Lucid have created code to import it. It's up to Lucid to get and display the screen tip correctly. Maybe they don't support such a device.
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In general, all these 3rd party tools that say they can import visio really only import the basics
Advanced shapes or complex shapes can show up as a mess, features like screen tip does not import, etc.
- Open office / Apache office
- Lucidchart
- Draw.IO is really only for static shapes...cant modify the shape once in draw.io
- Even PPT can only accept image (JPEG, PNG, Bit maps)....not like ppt 2003 where visio object could be pasted into ppt.