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Shape Fill Pattern Gone Wrong

Started by Lars-Erik, May 26, 2008, 01:14:26 PM

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I inserted a part of CAD drawing into my Visio document. I want to add some "Isolation" to it. For this purpose I've made a fill patern to symbolize isolation. The imported CAD is giving some problems with the fill though. I was wondering if there is an easy way to fix it, instead of redrawing, or tracing it.

A picture of the problem is included as attachment.

Your seeing this:
The original CAD line in the bottom,
on top you can see the same line, made bigger.
The two lines are linked with two small lines to make it a closed shape that I want to fill.
As you can see the fill isn't working quite as I'd like

Any suggestions?

- Lars

Visio Guy


It looks to me like your shape is not properly-closed geometry. I bet if you open the ShapeSheet, you'll see lots and lots of Geometry sections, as opposed to one single Geometry section that ends where it starts (ie: closed)

Sometimes you can get Visio to create a single outline by selecting all of the bits, then choosing:

Shape > Operations > Fragment

(Vorm > Verrichtingen> Besnoeiing/Plak) ..stop laughing!

If the line segments are close enough, you might get lucky and Visio will cut out a single shape that you can properly fill.

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Yes I noticed  the multiple geometry sections.
Shape > Operations > Fragment (Shape > Bewerkingen > Fragmenteren) didn't end up fixing it.
Using the pencil though, I ended up tracing it pretty fast. Because its just a representation of a machine, 0.01 of a mm here and there wont make the shape unrecognizable.
Manually putting all geometry sections together is an option, but a very time consuming one, especially when the shape gets bigger.

- Lars

p.s. don't tell anyone but I did laugh.

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