Issue: Org Chart Options_Fields_Block 1, Block 2, etc...

Started by BP, November 10, 2019, 10:59:10 AM

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I am using Visio 2016 and I am struggling customizing/creating my own org charts with the intend to import my own data.
The default org chart template provides 2 blocks were to link data: Block 1 can host more than one field (check box) but there are formatting restriction. Block 2 can only host one field.  :(

I have found a template and I saw that the Fields option showed 5 block which can be used to link up to 5 data fields that can be formatted independently. :o

I started to get familiar with the developer ShapeSheet functionality but I was not able to find what part(s) define(s) a) the link between the data and the field b) the number of block defined in the Fields option.
Thanks for your help. 8)


Visio Org Chart before version 2013 (not sure which version exactly though) supported 5 blocks.
Now you could try using shape data for the same.

There were a few topics regarding the same here, you could try the search.


Thanks Nikolay for the reply.
I consulted the previous post on the same subject and perhaps I was not clear enough.
I understand that the previous version of Visio supported more blocks.
However, the current 2016 Visio version seems to be able to read the 5 blocks and reflect any changes - throughout all the different types of positions (Executive, Manager or position).
Given that this interface seems to be capable of handling the 5 blocks, I thought that there could be somewhere a trick to customize it or at least customize its content.
Shape Data seems to be an alternative but all the fields are in one box that doesn't help a proper formatting of position of the data.


Sorry, I'm not aware of such tricks.
I would just use the previous version that had those fields.

Btw, you can position data graphics separately.