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Text Box appear differently on different PC's

Started by sunnyimran, September 26, 2019, 08:09:19 AM

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Hi there,

I am having a strange problem when viewing a Visio file, page-1, textbox on two different PC's they appear differently

There is a textbox with text in it on first page of Visio. When opening Visio file on PC1 it appears OK. On PC2 the text scrolls out of the box from down side  and text lines wraps down from right side of the textbox. I have same version of Visio-2016 on both PC's.

I have tried to compare all possible settings, options, selections like paragraph spacing, box margins etc. in Visio and found same on both PCs. Also I have tried various display settings etc. in both PC's . I can not figure it out what could be the reason.

Problem is not only in viewing but also in printing same Visio page. It prints differently from PC1 and PC2. it prints as it appears on screen.

PC-1 Text Box appear OK
Dipslay resolution:         1366 X 768 (Recommended)
Change the size of text, apps...   100%

PC-2 Text Box does not appear OK
Dipslay resolution:         1600 X 900 (Recommended)
Change the size of text, apps...   125%

Two screenshots attached

Please tell your idea where could be the difference?


It's only a tweak, but you may try to set the font size in length units (inches or millimeters) instead of points (pt.).


Have you tried setting g screen resolution of PC1 to be same as PC2?

Another thing to try, change the page scale factor.  Default is 1 to 1, no explicit dimensions.  Try 1 inch = 1 inch.

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Well, thanks

I have tried and compared everything between PC1 and PC2. Even tested same screen resolution, even swapped monitors but no avail.

I did try setting font units as on PC2 (where Text does not appear ok)
Actual setting on PC1 and PC2:            Textbox -> shapesheet -> Character -> Size -> 36 pt
New setting on PC2:                            Textbox -> shapesheet -> Character -> Size -> 12.7 mm
But text appears as before, that is it flows out of the box.

But I did found that if I do anything like (in Pt or in mm doesn't matter):
- reducing font size
- reducing 'line spacing' value
- reducing 'paragraph spacing After' value
- reducing 'Character Spacing' value

It does solve the matter but then my text does not have same dimensions as required.

OK so finally I have decided to reduce
         'character spacing = expanded by 2pt'
         'character spacing = expanded by 1.5pt'

This fits the text in its box and appears correct on PC2. This also changes my actual text dimensions on PC1 but I have to accept it.

Now the problem is:
I have generated 7,000 VSDX files using VBA which have text overflow problem on PC2 but ok on PC1
Further 18,000 VSDX files will be generated after I alter the 'character spacing' value that would be OK on PC2 and PC1 both.

Q. Is there a possible way to alter 'character spacing = expanded by 1.5pt' of those previously generated 7,000 VSDX files?

Please suggest


You indicate you swapped monitors, but the problem remained with the PC.  That is, it didn't track with the monitors.  Not expected.  Have you tried upgrading the video drivers?

Also, can you upload a misbehaving shape?  That way there can be a wider sample base.  Perhaps easier solution???
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I have played with monitor drivers on PC2. Actually PC2 is just one of the others from where my VSDX files will be printed. It prints as it appears on screen on the PC from where it is printed. At the moment Textbox appears correct only on PC1 so I am utilizing PC1 for printing too beside other tasks.

Yes I have swapped monitors too

Image samples are attached in my first post.


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Here is the Visio 2016 VSDX file attached having pages with problem Text box only

Still waiting for answer
Q. Is there a cure for already generated 7,000 VSDX before continuing to next 18,000 files?


Just a thought, maybe the set of fonts is different on these PCs?
So the font you used to create these diagrams on PC1 is not installed on PC2 (and gets substituted using the "best match" which may have slightly different sizes)


Could you leave some of the shapes in the drawing? Just to check how they are formatted  and to evaluate the effort of modifying them.


Quote from: Nikolay on October 14, 2019, 12:04:09 PM
Just a thought, maybe the set of fonts is different on these PCs?
So the font you used to create these diagrams on PC1 is not installed on PC2 (and gets substituted using the "best match" which may have slightly different sizes)

Compared almost all configuration on both PC's and they are the same. Screenshots of TextBox properties in Visio is attached


I see the same problem when viewed on my PC.   It looks like the font is too large @ 36 pt.  Fits fine at 30 pt.  Is that font available on both PC's?
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Yes the font is installed at both PC's. One more test I have done is I have copied all fonts of PC1 the correct PC to PC2 but no avail.

I observed if I alter character spacing:
On PC2 (incorrect text):
       Character spacing : 'Expanded'    By: 2pt
change to:
      Character spacing : 'Expanded'    By: 1.5pt

Then text fits inside its box correctly. This will resolve problem for future 18,000 VSDX files that I will produce. The problem is for already produced 7,000 VSDX files. How I remedy them?


You could create these over9000 vsdx-documents. Try these steps:
1. Iterate each document
2. In each document iterate each shape
3. If shape have expanded text, you need change it to 'right' characters space.


As Surrogate indicates, some code to go thru documents, pages, shapes.  But, you might be able to merely change the spacing on all shapes instead of just the problem shapes.   It's not a big change.  The other possibilities include (a) reducing left/right margins if not already set to zero, (b) reducing the font size slightly.  Option (A) is poosibly moreg global.  Option (B) would be restricted to sit h Dr the font style or, more likely, the troublesome shape.
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