Sync issue between pages when opening new template.

Started by AnotherNoone, March 18, 2019, 03:16:26 PM

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My template has different Pages, for different print sizes (A0-A4). All of them have the same information block on the bottom right, which gets filled with the Shape Data on the "welcome to the template" page. (This isnt ideal, i know, but there were some decisions made.)

Now, heres the problem:

When opening the template, filling in the data in the shape data, and then viewing any of the pages, everything works. all the data is filled in, everything is great.

If that document is saved, and reopened, any changes made in the Shape data won`t sync anymore.

This issue can be prevented by just viewing every page once in the template, before filling in the data, but thats an inconvenience my users rightfully complain about. Any ideas how to prevent that sync issue without having to open all pages when creating a new document?