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Visio (2013 Pro) Measurements suddenly whacked. all rounded up and all caps.

Started by Bubba2413, October 24, 2018, 04:02:45 PM

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Ok.. this started a month or so back.  None of the other instances of Visio on my LAN seem to have this issue, and removing an re-installing Visio had no impact.

It seems that EVERYwhere I put in a fractional number, it always ends up displaying rounded up, with any associated units shown as ALL CAPS. 
Screenshot says it all. 

Behavior is even the same when I enter values in a Shapesheet.
For example, if I enter =guard(0.5in) for a value, I see exactly that in the formula bar... UNTIL I hit enter.  Then it displays: =Guard(1INCH) in the shapesheet body AND formula bar.  Oddly the underlying correct value seems to be there, and function as expected, but it always displays 'UNIT' vs 'un.' or DEG vs Deg., and always the display value is rounded up to the nearest whole number.


Paul Herber

I can remember this being reported as a problem a few years ago but I can't find any mention at the moment on any Visio forum (this one or the MS ones).
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Concur.  hours of Googling yielded few results, and no resolutions.
I was hoping someone here, in the company of the Visio gods (and goddesses) you have an answer.
I'm thinking: It HAS so be some obscure flag that I tripped somewhere along the way, but darned if I can find it...

Paul Herber

You could try changing all the spelling/grammar settings ...
I don't have Visio 2013 so can't try it.
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Hmmm.  Will have to give that a shot when I get back to the office


OK.. well I went through all the options I could find.. still no joy. 
Any other Guru's with an idea? 

This kinda bugs me, but I'm working around it by editing the drawing via a Citrix box located a thousand miles or so away.., AND my machine is supposed to be replaced soon(-ish).  I don't have the problem with this drawing on any other machine; and ANY drawing I open or create on THIS machine exhibits these symptoms.

I've already removed and ree-installed Visio (and Office ProPlus). 
Very weird; but I hate letting it kick my A***.  It's a matter of personal pride now...  -- I'm on a Quest...  (until they take my machine away....)


did you actually check the XML to see if its 0.5in  or 1.0in?...might be a lead

I vague remember (2003 et al) something about 0.5000 in is treated a bit differently than 0.5 in
Might want to try that (4 decimal places).


Is this on a work computer?  Other than the Citrix box, are there no other PC's available to try?

The Citrix machine, is it running same version of Visio?  Do you use the same physical display?

Might there have been:
    1)  any update about the time this first occurred?
    2)  any new apps installed?
    3)  don't believe it's a video driver issue, but you might want to check that.

While it does seem to be localised to your computer, can you send a small, generic file that exhibits the problem?  Would allow evaluation of the file...which I suspect is Ok.

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