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Started by Devstate99, September 02, 2018, 04:37:50 PM

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So, I'm trying to solve this and can't even seem to get it off the ground. I need to draw a visio diagram of a network that has three layers (which I don't get) and the inner layer has two switches and provides connection between servers, the second layer and the internet. The second layer has a ring that is between the core and two switchs...

can anyone help me start this off because I am lost...send me a private message if it is easier.

Thank you.


Assume you have visio installed on your system

1:  google "visio 3 layer network diagrams" for ideas
2:  go to "www.visio.café" or google "cisco visio stencils" for shapes
3:  take some basic shapes (included in visio) and pull from stencil and place on drawing....all for practice

you are now locked and loaded to make some test drawings.


Yeah I have Visio. The issue I have is not understanding how to represent a ring


a ring as in circle?
a ring as in closed loop of cell references?  you shouldn't do that (visio usually catches those as says "don't do dat")


I believe that is the purpose of this assignment. Some of the criteria is to build the graphic and then announce what setup is incorrect in the environment but I can't even seem to grasp how to visually represent it.


Visio 2019 Pro


It is very likely that we are talking about something like this picture.
I'm not a specialist in networking, but I've heard the name Token Ring :)


Hope this article can help  to understand interconnection terms, also you can find there network diagrams with these three layers.


Quote from: Devstate99 on September 02, 2018, 08:48:29 PM
Yeah I have Visio. The issue I have is not understanding how to represent a ring

What is that "ring" the second layer should have?  Is it something like "The One Ring", or?