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Started by Surrogate, February 05, 2018, 10:25:20 AM

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Let me introduce my project - ShapeSheet™ Knowledge Base
In MS Visio 2013/2016 have about 210 functions in ShapeSheet environment.

And many newbies have problems when they search function which they need!

Hope my list of functions by categories could help to many peoples learn more about ShapeSheet™.

Also in my site you can find useful hyperlinks for videos, books&articles and other resourses for ShapeSheet developers.



Really nice.
Some thoughts:

  • The list of functions is probably less useful, because you can find the same content on the M$ sites.
  • Examples on usage of the functions
  • Add a category how-tos and strategies (eg "central storage of value lists", "hiding stuff", "referencing other objects", etc.
Keep it up!


Thank you, Yacine !

The purpose of my site is to supplement rather than replace the content which you can find on the MSDN site.
For example, in Excel, to enter formulas, you have a form on which you can select the desired function category.

Finding the function you are interested in in the list of functions of a particular category is much simpler than in the full function list.
Each category contains a list of the functions included in it, a description and a syntax of each function.
For more detailed information, please click hyperlink Read more about function <XXX>

About how-tos it is good idea !

Paul Herber

Looks really useful. Many thanks.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


To add to my previous post:
If you set up the page as Wiki, you could get support from the community (examples, questions, corrections, ...). I would certainly contribute.
There are many small (and bigger) open source solutions for wikis. (


I did not originally plan the wiki format for the site. The audience's reach and the size of the community, which will be interesting to participate in the project, are not yet clear.
But I welcome the joining contributors, especially experts like you!


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