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Started by Tabris1986, June 13, 2017, 06:00:56 PM

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I am trying to link external data from an excel spreasheet into visio. I have no problem when linking to general shapes (rectangle, triangle, etc.).

However, I have some issues when it comes to connectors.

If I link the data to the dynamic connector, the angle of the data is proper, meaning there is no angle (0 degree) and the text is as it would be on any word document.

If I link to a curve connector (I use the "Line-curve connector" for its simplicity and will need to use in future drawings), then the angle of the text follows that of the connector. The connector has let's say a 77 degree angle and the shapedata contained within the connector has a 0 degree angle, but relative to the connector's 77 degree angle. Therefore, the text is at a 77 degree angle.

I would like to have the text always be at a 0 degree angle relative to the page. I would also like that shape to be a master that would work on any page I use it in. I have read in the forum that the solution would be with the ANGLETOPAR or ANGLETOLOC functions. However, my skills are not sharp enough the reach a proper result.

Can anyone help?



I suspect you broke the angle formula, or you overwrite it by the data linking.
1) we could have a look at the connector if you upload it.
2) you could use the regular connector and set it as curved.


I think the solution I am looking for is what was being discussed in this thread : http://visguy.com/vgforum/index.php?topic=1631.msg6958#msg6958

But I don't see that a solution was reached using data graphics, which is what I am going for.

I enclose a simple example of what I refer to.


So it is not the regular line-curve connector but a group containing 2 text shapes.
1) set the angle of the text shapes to =IF(BITXOR(FlipX,FlipY),1,-1)*Sheet.1!Angle
2) Use the regular line-curve connector, but instead of having the text in sub-shapes, insert the desired values directly in the text of the connector.