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rounded corners

Started by dtallent, March 24, 2017, 03:20:44 PM

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In Visio 2013 is there a way to round the corners of a box consistently instead of me having to round them myself every time. For instance, I am drawing 2 sidewalks coming together, but instead of them having a 90 degree corner, the corner is rounded.


Since this is a specific instance, not a document setting, I'd say make a special corner shape.

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OK thanks. That's basically what I have been doing. I have been finding there are all kinds of sort cuts in Visio, was hoping there might be one for this.


I don't think so, not in the way you'd like, anyway.  It might be possible, might, to make universal default for corner rounding.  Probably have to create a template file to save that setting.  The problem would be, every corner would receive the rounding.  Doubt that's a desired attribute.  I've never tried to do that, so, don't even know if possible.

The other option might be to make a custom stencil which have shapes with already preset rounding...these could be 1-D shapes too, I think.  Then, just drag and drop whatever shape is desired.  That should give various, preset roundings, which could still be adjusted once on the drawing page.

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maybe I am missing something but why not let the line rounded corners do the job
you can set the radius for the rounding in the line format region of 2013.
Note, there is a formula that it if line end too close to corner, it will sharpen corner.
There used to be an explanation of it in 2003 documentation.   Something like

rounding = 1+radius/4

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