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Visio Internal Error #2407 Odd Issue

Started by OCJeriko, March 01, 2017, 09:31:06 PM

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I'm working with an old .vsd file and whenever I copy in shapes from another document, if I try to copy text out of them, it gives me the #2407 error.  I've tried other suggestions of turning off the macro notifications as well as copy pasting the drawing into a new page.  Neither has worked.  I can copy paste existing shapes within the document and copy the text just fine, it's only when bringing in outside shapes that the issues arises.

Paul Herber

What type of diagram is it? Can you attach it so we can have a look?
Which shapes are you trying to add? An old diagram may not be compabible with some modern shapes.
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Unfortunately due to it being an internal document for my company, I can't attach it.

The shape I'm trying to add is a "predefined process".  It is used in the old document that has issues very extensively.

I'm not sure what you mean by what kind of diagram it is, I'm not particularly experienced with Vizio.  The drawing itself is essentially a flowchart for some complex calculations, showing how the values in the calculation flow up.


Do you still have the old version of Visio?  If so, is everything OK using it?

When you say, copy shapes from another document, do you mean a new document created with V2010 or newer?  What Paul was indicating is that some of the newer Visio shapes may not fare well with an older Visio document.  Along with that, have you tried saving the old document using the newer vsdx format?  Then, re-open the vsdx file and try copying the new shape.  Same issue?


Visio 2019 Pro


All we have now is Visio 2013, don't have the old version.

And with copying shapes from another document, I get the error even when copying shapes from one of the old visios to another.  I can copy from drawing to drawing within the same document without a problem, but trying to add a shape from outside the document, regardless of source, seems to be causing the issue.  I think my descriptions might be getting a bit confusing, so let me re-explain it all so hopefully it makes a little more sense, and include a little more info to maybe help out.

-My company has these long-maintained .vsd's that contain flowcharts for complex calculations. 
-The primary shapes used in the documents are: Predefined Process, Card, Direct Data.
        -Got these names from the Shape Name tool.
-Each document contains a large number of pages, each with their own unique drawing.
-I can copy a shape from one page to another page without issue.  When a new page needed to be added, this was how it was created, copy paste the shapes needed rather than create new ones.
-When we copy a shape from another document, the shape pastes into the document fine, but when we try to copy the text inside the shape, we get the referenced error.
        -This occurs with shapes made in a new visio document as well as trying to copy shapes from one of the older documents into another of the older documents.
        -We found this issue when we used a tool to auto-generate shapes for new calculations, which would have saved time, and tried to put them into the new document.


Think we're zeroing in. 

...copying this you mean select the shape, use text tool, highlight the text, copy, go to a new shape, and paste.

I assume you can select and copy the text, it's the pasting that's a problem?  That is, you get the error upon pasting?

From your description, sounds like the text has formulas with links to other shapes.  Are these links broken as result of copying the shape?

Visio 2019 Pro


No, the error pops up as soon as I hit Ctrl-C.

No formulas in the shapes either, just text that describes what the value of that part of the calculation is.

Paul Herber

Could you take a copy of the document, reduce the copy down to just a few shapes that show no confidential information and attach that?
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Ok, I took a couple of the files and stripped them down to post here.  Thanks.

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