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Connectors in hierarchy do not align with each other

Started by tjdickinson, January 23, 2017, 03:36:11 PM

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I have created an organization chart in Visio Professional 2016. Presently, everything is precisely laid out to fit perfectly on a single page. Then I realize, one pesky little connector doesn't want to align with the others.

A manager has multiple subordinates, and all (but the one) connectors descend from the manager in a single line, branch at the same point (aligned to the same Y-value), and connect with the subordinates, spaced equally along the same X-axis. One, however, branches at a Y-value slightly above the rest, so it follows its own path to the subordinate.

All connectors are point connectors (not dynamic), and all have been manually inserted. I have checked every shape datum and property and all of the subordinates have the exact same settings, so the outlier isn't somehow differently formatted. Attempts to manually adjust the Y-value of the horizontal line segment are entirely unsuccessful; the segment snaps to the same Y-value as the connector point, or it snaps above the others.

I know what you're thinking: it's snapping to a grid. Unfortunately for that, the snap setting is turned off. Moreover, when snap is turned on and I try to adjust the other connectors to match the outlier, they will not snap to the same position.

When I select the connectors (all the other shapes are locked) and choose a "Re-layout Page" option, the same problem persists: all the connectors neatly align with each other, except for the one.

System specs in signature.

Thanks for any advice!

Computer information:
Windows 10 Home x64
Visio Professional 2016
Office 365 Pro Plus (2016 suite)
Adobe CC (2017 suite) + Acrobat DC Pro


First, turn snapping back on.  It's difficult to get nice shape placement without it.  Oh, it can be done, but requires extra steps. 

Second, it's easier to analyze your issue if you could upload an example.  There's many possibilities that it would take a lot of questions and answers to see what's going on.  Something you might think trivial, may be important.

Since I only have V2007, please upload as vsd.

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