How to use the "Parts List Block" shape ?

Started by BryceM, April 05, 2016, 04:36:54 PM

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I am using Visio Premium 2010 and the making an engineering drawing.  I want to add a parts list to the drawing and I am attempting to use the "Parts List block" shape from the Title Blocks stencil.  The icon in the stencil shows the top row in white and the lower rows in grey which I assumed means it expands with additional rows.
I drag the shape to the page and get the top title row as expected.  So how then do I add the parts below ?  I cannot find a way to add additional rows to the shape ?  ???
Also is there a way to link the parts rows (if I manage to create them..) to callouts on the drawing ?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Bryce,
I had a look at the shape. Looks like it is meant to be edited manually (F2, then start typing and separate the columns by TABs).
Add a new shape for each new row.

If you want an automated solution, you'd better look for reports.



Thank you Yacine,

I will see if I can manage with just editing as you suggest.  I will have to investigate reports - I have never done anything like that.  Thank you for the time to reply.