Shape border offset after rotation

Started by AndyW, January 06, 2016, 12:01:40 PM

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Anyone else noticed the shapes border seems to be slightly offset when rotating, confuses some of my users when they are trying to align with the grid. Although the shape aligns correctly, the border does not look right.

Attached are 2 images, Clip 1 is shape with no rotation, shape selection border aligns with the grid. Clip 2 has 180 degree rotation, notice the shape select border is now fractionally offset to the left.
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I do confirm and would add another observation. When a connector connects perfectly at a corner of another connector, at certain zoom levels they seems to not meet perfectly anymore.
Both phenomena were not observed in V2007.
PS: observed on V2013


It sounds like a "pixel" rounding issue to me.  Especially the zoom sensitive scenario.

@AndyW:  although this doesn't solve the problem...
     1) if you flip the shape rather than rotate it, does the viewing problem still exist?  Probably.
     2) if you do horizontal flip after rotation, still there?
     3) is this true for rectangular shapes as well?
     4) are the shape dimensions "nice", i.e., no rounding involved, and PinX, PinY precise, no rounding?  For example, PinX = 0.5*width.  Width = 3.  PinX would not be "precise" and might incur small, ever so slight shift.

@Yacine:  same issue.  It must be a Visio feature.  Might be interesting to see literal coordinate values for the corner and the connector end point in the shapesheet.  The corner is "calculated" and is function of both width and Pin X, Pin Y.  I suspect the shapesheet values match, but the viewed corner, nonetheless, shifts based upon pixel rounding as soon changes.

Just some thoughts, no real solutions.

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For what it's worth, I inspected the shapesheets of both connectors. They look clean to me.
It must be a faulty display routine within Visio.


Wouldn't be the 1st time display issues have arisen.  Mostly, it's been fill (custom fill patterns) related.  It's one of those things where there's not enough development focus to clean up this issue.  My humble opinion of course!   :o
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