Embedding detailed visio diagrams within an 'object/shape' in a visio diagram

Started by Gryphon33, May 15, 2015, 07:06:46 PM

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I'm would like to know if Visio 2010 professional has a method of embedding a more detailed visio diagram within, so when you click on a shape/object in a visio diagram, a more detailed diagram pops up. I would like this detailed diagram embedded within the same visio diagram and not have to use a hyperlink to a seperate file/diag.
Is there a way to do this or do we have to download a third party software that works with visio to accomplish this?
If so, and suggestions on freeware software that accomplishes this?



Using OLE objects will not help, as it does display the embedded diagram as it is.
You, however do need two versions of a diagram: a simple and a detailed one.
I could imagine a group shape with layers displaying different elements depending on the situation, but this requires some development work.
I'd suggest that you stay with links to other pages.