Running a macro on a 'connector'.

Started by maxim1910, April 03, 2015, 05:15:00 PM

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I am attempting to create a Macro that will allow me 'match properties' of various connectors on a drawing to a particular 'standard'.  I created a connector between visio shapes on a drawing.  I then recorded a Macro of this connector, applying specific line color, weight & arrows (Developer tab / Code pane / Record Macro...etc.).  I created a different connector on the same drawing, selected this connector and tried to run the macro I had just created to 'transfer' the color, line weight, arrows onto the new connector (selected new connector / Developer tab / Code pane / Macros button / Run) - nothing happened.  What am I doing wrong?


You did probably not replace the specific shape IDs by variables. Read this topic: