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Artifax and Visio not reflecting changes

Started by opa1200, January 22, 2015, 04:51:11 PM

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Hey Everyone,

My office recently updated to Office 2013, and since the update, Artifax and Visio have stopped communicating with each other.  When launching Visio through Artifax, first there is a dialog box - "There is no Visio file associated with this Event" - rather then the usual browser box that lets you select templates/diagrams.

Changes saved in a Visio diagram i.e. resources - do not carry over to Artifax, and diagrams don't seem to attach.  All workstations seem to be having the same issue regardless of running Visio 2007 or 2010.

My workstation:
Artifax – 3.29.3060
Visio 2010 – 14.0.7140.5002
Windows 7 Professional – Service Pack 1

Thank you!

Paul Herber

I think you'll find that is more of a problem with Artifax (having looked up what it is). It's probably nothing that Visio can do about it.

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Thank you, Paul!  I have an inquiry out to Artifax support, but they can't seem to replicate the problem... Our whole office is crippled without the two softwares communicating, so I appreciate your insight!

Paul Herber

It might be something to do with the change in defauilt file extension, Visio 2013 has new file extension types. However, it will still be up to Artifax to know how to work with Visio files.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


UPDATE (just in case anyone else is having this issue):
After installing Visio 2013 Pro - the issue stopped.  Currently we are running without any problems:

Visio 2013 Pro – 15.0.4569.1504
Artifax – 3.29.3060
Windows 7 Pro – Service Pack 1

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