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Web Drawing - Data Graphics Bug?

Started by kmetzgo, October 28, 2014, 04:25:48 PM

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I have created a web drawing dashboard using data graphics from an external data source.  The web drawing is surfaced in a web part in SharePoint 2010, and I am using Visio 2013 (doing a save as to a .vdw format).  The dashboard contains a number of lines with arrowheads, and the color of the line changes based on values from the external data source.  The problem is that the arrowhead does not change color when the line changes color. 

For example, if the default color of the line is green and value from the data source linked to the data graphic changes the line color to yellow, the arrowhead for the line stays green.  When testing the drawing in Visio, the line and arrowhead stay in synch, it's only when I surface this in SharePoint that the arrowhead does not change color. I've attached a screenshot and am hoping someone has a suggestion on how to fix this.

BTW - The issue started with Visio 2010, I switched to Visio 2013 thinking that might magically fix the problem.  It didn't.

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