Visio Graphics: Guitar Shapes are Music to My Eyes

Started by wapperdude, December 29, 2008, 05:46:40 PM

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OK.  So, I did this back in July and have debated with myself if it has any value ... decided not a lot.  But, it is a graphic (pun intended) illustration of what can be done with Fill Effects.  This file is 100% Visio.  It demonstrates what might be accomplished thru the use of gradient fills and transparency effects, plus a lot of idle time and nothing better to do.  Eat your heart out Photoshop! 

Yeah, I know, why would you do this?   :o  Still looking for that answer!!!   ::)
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I think it's splendid. All those parts, they are all individually drawn, the strings, the frets, the machine heads, the pickups. Incredible.

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