Keyboard shortcuts for macro not working with save options in external file

Started by aitken, July 14, 2014, 05:35:34 AM

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Hi, gurus, please help me with my problem
I want to create macros with macro recorder, assign it to keyboard shortcut and save to external file. When I create macros 3 options of saving option is available:
1) Active document
When I use save option -   1) Active document, my macros works good, I can run it from menu and keyboard shortcuts.
But when use save options - 2) ARROW_M.VSS , 3) EPC_M.VSS - my macros can run only from menu, it doesn't work through keyboard shortcuts.

So I need the way to save macros in external file, and use it with different workbooks. And also,I need to run my macros through keyboard shortcut.
In Ms Excel, I saved macros in Personal.xlsb for my purposes and everything was good.

I use MS Visio 2010. Thank you for you suggestions ))


I think 2) and 3) are protected against saving.
Why do you need to save?
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Junichi Yoda

Paul Herber

Macros can only be saved within Visio documents, templates or stencils. A stencil would probably be your best option. You can create your own stencil file from the More Shapes menu. There is no equivalent of Excel's personal.xlsb file.

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I found a post very similar to your's:

and some furhter reading here:

So basically, you need to keep the shortcuts in the drawing (by starting your drawings from an appropriate template). The code can still be in a stencil.


Thank you , for your replying. I solved my problem. I decided to use a quick access toolbar and Alt + ... keyboard shortcuts.