Set Rounding on Only Two Corners of Rectangle

Started by chadrey, December 19, 2008, 05:20:17 PM

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I cannot figure out how to round only the top L/R corners of a square without also rounding the bottom L/R corners.  I've tried drawing arcs and trimming like you'd do in autocad, but the trim feature seems very mysterious.

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The corner rounding as found on the Format menu rounds all corners in just about any shape. To see how to create rounded corners as part of the shape geometry (which is what you need to do) have a look at the Rounded Rectangle shape in the Basic Shapes stencil.

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a quick and dirty method is :

1) draw rounded rectangle of required size

2) draw a normal rectangle with the same width but half the height

3) position result of (2) over the lower half of (1)

4)  Shape | Operations | Join

Hope this helps



Instead of the Shape > Operations > Join, use Shape > Operations > Union.  It doesn't matter which shape is on top, but you will get different fill results. 

Finally, if you want unequal corners, you can use the line tool to draw a shape with "diagonal" corners, then use the pencil tool to affect the amount of rounding.  This is easier to show than describe.  See attached.

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Round all corners, draw line through bottom section, select both objects and Fragment?



That was way to easy!

Nice solution!!!

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Visio Guy

You can also double-up the vertices where you don't want rounding.

1. Draw a rectangle with rounded corners
2. Get the Pencil or Line tool
3. Add two more vertices by Ctrl + clicking along the perimeter
4. Click on each vertex and slide it over an existing corner.
    You now have two points on top of each other, which prevents rounding from taking effect.

This also leaves the shape open to changes in rounding. When you fragment or combine a shape, you create actual "ArcTo" segoments, and rounding no longer is doing anything since the corners are gone.

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