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Started by joliciel, May 26, 2014, 02:08:42 AM

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In Visio 2013, Autocad, Drawing not converted, has a Display Lost while working on a visio page. Is there a way to prevent from having a display loss of an Autocad drawing?

On some  drawings,  it happens all the time. To let you know, I make sure the Autocad format that is imported into Visio is in the Autocad 2000 format. Before I do an import, in Autocad, I purge and audit the file to make sure there is no xRef file and out of bounce block, which I explode then I export not save from Autocad the drawing file to the 2000 format. From Visio, I do the Import from the Insert Autocad drawing menu item. The issue is happening on Autocad files that are about 3meg and more. The Visio file is holding many Autocad drawings; the size of the file is around 40megs. Even on smaller files the Autocad drawing display is lost too. I'm wondering what causes that?

I thought it was my computer; I have changed the graphic card to a Nvidia Geforce GTX 690 with 1 gig of memory the display lost still happening.
The computer configuration is as follows.

- Quad Core processor 2.4Ghz
- 8 Gigs of Memory,
- Dual-channel SCSI controller with four 73Gig 15k hard drives in raid 0,
- Nvidia graphic card GeForce GTX 690 with 1gig of memory dual port
- Windows 7 64 bits ultimate version

A Work around to restore the drawing to display is as follows:

The only way that I know where I can refresh an Autocad drawing from disappearing is by getting the Autocad CAD Drawing object property and check or uncheck one of the CAD drawing protections and then press on the OK button; that is each time. When I use multiple layers of different pages, I need to go back to the Autocad layer to refresh the structure otherwise it is impossible to refresh the drawing from the layer that I'm working on. By the way, the two Visio refreshed button (all and selected), on the Autocad drawing, are dimmed, therefore, unavailable.