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Datagraphics rearrange after linking

Started by blood3000, April 08, 2014, 11:42:14 AM

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I have made a shape with data-graphics and used the shape multiple times. In each shape I have positioned the data graphics so it fit my design.
I have designed a block-diagram for an electrical installation and I am using this shape to handle cable data. The shape it self is just a line across the cable and then with data-graphics I have placed all important info near the shape. I also have other information connected the shape witch is not shown.

When I linked external data to the shapes every single shape got the data graphic rearranged to default setup.
Shi* happens, so I positioned the data-graphics again. But now when I updated the data-link it happened again.  >:(

Is there some way to prevent this??
Maybe data graphics is the wrong solution to my problem.

Regards Thomas



Is there nobody who knows anything about this???


Hi Thomas,
would you mind sending a vsd with one of your shapes?

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