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Rotating a simple line without changing its length

Started by bendesarts, April 26, 2014, 03:50:01 PM

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I would like to rotate a line without changing its length. It is simple with a form but i don't manage to this with a line.
Do you know a way to do this ?

Thanks a lot for help

Thomas Winkel

You have the following options:
1. "Ctrl+R/L" to rotate 90° right or left.
2. "View -> Task Panes -> Size & Position" to specify an exact angle.
3. "Developer -> Behavior -> Interaction style -> Box (2-dimensional)" to make the line 2D and show the rotate control when selected.





Thank you for your answers.

Here my remarks :

1) About Thomas's help

Quote1. "Ctrl+R/L" to rotate 90° right or left.

--> OK but this way is not sufficient because i wanted to define the rotation with an exact angle such 23° for example

Quote2. "View -> Task Panes -> Size & Position" to specify an exact angle.

--> OK. This way is interesting. I knew it. But, the think is that is not easy to control the center of rotation like for the 2D form.

Quote3. "Developer -> Behavior -> Interaction style -> Box (2-dimensional)" to make the line 2D and show the rotate control when selected.

--> Interesting but i didn't manage to use it yet. In fact, i manage to change the option 2D instead line for the behavior. But after, when i create a line, i don't notice any modifications and moreover when i return to this panel 2D option is no longer activated. Have you an idea why ?


OK interesting. But not so easy for me to understand the method just as a user. What is the conclusion of this post? Is there a simple way to rotate a line without changing its length ? If not, is there a efficient macro to do that, and where is it possible to have it ?

Thanks a lot for help.


Come on ... you must have seen the attachments in the post !!! ???


Sorry the last attachement answers perfectly to my need.

However, what i should install to give to the line these properties (of fixed length) ?

Is there a macro to apply to give these properties to a line without rewriting in the shapesheet the codes for each line ?

For example, i create a new line. The created line doesn't have the properties of fixed length.


No there is no macro. The behaviour is written in the shapesheet of the line.
You should make a new stencil and save that line in it. (pull the line in the stencil)
Now every time you need such a line drag it from your stencil.


Thank you for help. OK. It's a solution and it is already fine.

1) However, it is not very convenient since i don't always know early on if i'm going to need a line with a fixed or variable length when i realize my scheme.

2) I tried with you method but i didn't manage to change the length with the size&position panel. I would like to have a line with a fixed length but with the length i choose.


There is no pre-defined / supplied Visio shape that does that.  The solutions / techniques that have been developed are presently the only known solutions.  Included with VisioGuy's solution is shapedata that allows you to enter the desired line length.  This shape could be modified such that the data is available by double-clicking the line.  As it stands now, right click, brings up context menu, select data, and get the data entry form.  My version already allows double click event, but, uses two controls: one for angle and one for length.  Both include option to show / hide text that provides the actual length and angle read-out.

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