Two text areas on an arrow?

Started by Henke, March 20, 2014, 02:16:13 PM

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I'd like to add an extra text area/indicator to an arrow to indicate if it's positive + / negative -.
I added a simple extra text area by the arrow head and made it to a group.
But I have a hard time getting the text area to follow the arrow when moving the individual arrow shape.

1. Original arrow without text area
The simple arrow with the default text area on the middle.
Works fine, connects easily to connection points.

2. Group with textarea
When combined as a group the behavior is different.
The arrow scales as a rectangle (group). It does not connect to connection points.

3. Select individual shape
Ok, so I can make the behavior of the group to select it's group members first and add some locks on the text area.
Then I can select the individual arrow shape in the group and connect it to other shapes. But the grouped text area does not follow the arrow head.

Does anyone have the settings or ideas for such a shape?


After grouping. Select group. Go to behavoiur. Select 1D, so the group is a connector again.
Eventually turn GeometrySection of group to show and delete the initial connector/arrow, so the group as a whole is the connector.


Don't group the initial connector, but convert it to a group (shapes/operations/convert to group).
Add a text to the connector (F2 and type whatever you want)
Add a control point to the connector (shapesheet, in the controls section add a row. It's initial name should be "row_2")
Open the group (edit/"open dynamic connector" or similar)
Insert a Text field.
Open the shapesheet of the text field and set it's PinX and PinY to the following:
PinX := sheet1!controls.row_2
PinY := sheet1!controls.row_2.Y
You should end up with something similar to the attachement.