Slant Font in Visio 2013

Started by HAL2000, July 07, 2013, 03:53:58 PM

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I recently downloaded Yoda's Slant Font and Piping Shapes... Amazing work!  The shapes are very simple and quick to use... the fonts; however, did not turn out to be as straight forward.  The first issue I would like to rule out is a Window 7 or Visio 2013 conflict.

I have posted a screen capture and a *.vsdx example.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the same configuration?

Paul Herber

I think you just need to make the text area large enough. Use the text tool for this.
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also, keep in mind that visio (at least visio 2003) uses an index to determine what fonts to use.   So if you do a drawing today and  have fonts as you like....then tomorrow browse some webpage that has a font starting with say the letter A....then 3 days from now edit the text in the original drawing, it will use the font "1 up " from the iso font you used 3 days ago (thus change the appearence as well as the text).

BTW...June's shapes are a vast repository of knowledge about how to code up shape sheets.....real ground breaking stuff!!!


Paul,  I can select the text using the text tool; however, it will not let me adjust the size of the block for either the dimension line or the call out.  I get a pop up that says "Size Text Block" but it is as if the control is disabled.  Any ideas?

Vojo,  Thanks for the warning regarding 2003.  I have used Visio only on occasion in the past; recently, I just began using 2013 and am finding out that there are many changes.  I have an interest in ISOs and Perspective Shapes... So, I definitely hope to learn quite a bit from June's work.  It is very impressive!



Your page is scaled 1:10.

But I am very sorry these shapes do not support scales.
I made them for a simple rough sketch like a hand writing memorandum.
Please set scale 1:1.
You can draw a beautiful isometrics much faster than hand writing.
Everythig is non-scale in hand writing.
It is a kind of magic to realize them a real 3D piping.

Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


if you want to play with iso shapes, here are a few of many I did based on June's on 2003 so no fancy constructs or VBA
right click and play with them

have fun

Paul Herber

Can you save the file in .VDX format so those without Visio 2013 can try it?
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


June, thanks for the guidance.  The scaling was for the title block, so for those following along or unfamiliar with 2013... Page Setup>Drawing Scale>Custom Scale 1=1, Deleted Title Block, Re-Ran setup block.  Then dropped the cube, dimensions, and note as before.  Worked like a charm... June no need to apologize... The tool works both precisely and accurately according to design.  Awesome piece of work!  I have attached a copy of the correction (ISOStencil_Font1_1to1Scale.vsd) and a copy of the pre-correctionin  (ISOStencil_Font2.vsd) per Paul's request.

Vojo, I haven't had a chance to play with what you sent... Just got home from work a bit ago.

Thank you all!


I cant save in vfdx (company is weening us off MS office no visio upgrade)....sorry

I would think visio 2013 would allow the opening of old stencils (I doubt they would make the world recode all the stencils out there).
but hey...its who knows.