File sharing on a team: 2013 with 2007 and 2010 users?

Started by Steve in Seattle, May 30, 2013, 06:50:23 PM

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Steve in Seattle

Newbie question covered mostly in the subject line, but here are my details:

I work with a team that's - so far - worked rather seamlessly sharing vsd 2007 & 2010 files.  I've just read several forum posts here that suggest that even saving the file in vsd format is a challenge.  I ASSUME that the vsdx isn't particularly backward-compatible?

Thanks for your help!


Hello Steve,

You're right, the new VSDX is not backwards compatible, but 2013 can open and save in the older vsd format. 

Are you having a specific issue with saving legacy vsd files using 2013?  If so, what are the problems you encountering and what template and stencils are you using?

Best regards

John Goldsmith - Visio MVP

Paul Herber

Note that some of the internal shape formats in Visio 2010/2013 are totally incompatible with earlier versions, e.g. UML, cross-functional flowchart, any containers, and maybe other shapes.
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