Change a connection from dynamic to point (blue to red)

Started by Clark, August 03, 2012, 04:42:28 PM

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My company recently upgraded from Visio 2007 to 2010.  I'm having problems making a point connection between two shapes.  In Visio 2007, I would do the following:

1.  Click on "from shape".
2.  While pressing Ctrl key, click on "to shape"
3.  Click on connector tool button to connect shapes.
4.  Select the connector at the "from shape" connector point, pull it away and while the mouse button is down, reconnect it when the connection point turns red.
5.  Do the same thing to the "to shape" connection.


1.  I did a search on this site and it looks llike the connector tool button I used to use is not available in Visio 2010 due to copyright issues.  Is that correct?

2.  When I do steps 4 and 5 above, I can't get the connection to change to red to make it a point connection.  It stays blue when I bring it back and hover over the connection point.  The connection points that exist in the document when using Visio 2007 show as red.   Is there a setting I need to change to allow a point (red) connection?

3.  Is there a way to change the default behavior to create a point connection and not a dynamic (blue) connection?

Thanks in advance!


Hello - I am experiencing the same issue with connector going from red to blue.  I want the connectors to stay red, but it loses its abilities whenever I try to move the connecting points.

Anyone else face this issue?