How-to: removing extraneous layer information from a shape master

Started by Paul Herber, July 24, 2012, 10:34:30 AM

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Paul Herber

  • Load the stencil, put into edit mode, open the master
  • Select the shape's contents (Control-A)
  • menu Format -> Layer
  • If you are now asked to enter a leyer name then the shape has a blank layer name! Enter a name (anything - it will be removed later) and press OK
  • On the Layer dialog click None then OK
  • menu View -> Layer Properties and tick Remove Unreferenced Layers, then click OK
  • Close the shape, click OK to update the shape
  • When done, close the stencil.

(These Instructions for Visio 2003/Visio 2007 - for Visio 2010 the menus are different)
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