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Started by Billy the priest, February 08, 2012, 05:37:24 AM

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Billy the priest

hi, im pretty new to this ,so i have a couple of questions.
im using visio 2007
how do you save a stencil/template so that it comes up everytime in the list of stencils/templates?
second question
is there any way to set the standard workarea with the stencils/templates that you work with most?
and my last question
any one know of a good stencil/template for designing camera & security systems?

thanks ;D


Question 1:
You can use your own folder/location to store your templates and stencils, but you have to make Visio aware of those locations. You can do that in the path-dialog that you can reach via:
Menu: Special->Options->Advanced Options->Pathes

(As I have german Visio only, my translation of the menu structure may be a bit off...)