Visio 2010 CFF doesn't publish layers to .pdf?

Started by whtivres, January 09, 2012, 04:31:19 PM

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I'm wondering if anybody else is seeing this behavior after converting to Visio 2010...

I have a cross-functional flowchart (CFF,) using "swimlanes."  My shapes in this flowchart are organized into various layers withinin Visio.  When I convert to .pdf, the pdf document displays the layers (along with the "eyeball" for selecting & deselecting layers,) but the layers do not "hide" when you deselect them.

This problem occurs when using Adobe Acrobat Pro version 8,9, or X.  The problem occurs no matter which .pdf converter I use, and it makes no difference whether I initiate the conversion from within visio or externally.  The problem occurs in documents built from scratch in 2010, and in documents converted from version 2007. 

Interestingly, the problem only occurs when the Visio document is a CFF with swimlanes.  Without swimlanes, all layers can be properly hidden & unhidden in the .pdf.

Can anybody out there successfully display/hide layers in their .pdf generated from a Visio 2010 CFF?  Thanks for any thoughts!  : - )