Two text labels on a drawing object

Started by TimMallett, November 17, 2011, 08:43:01 AM

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I have created a work item object on a custom template which currently has the short description of the work item as its label.   What I now want to do is to add a separate label to display on the object which will contain the current status of the work item.   (all the data is being loaded into the object from its custom properties).   I want the description to display on the left of the drawing object and the status to display on the right.   If I put them both into the same string, the status eventually wraps down to the bottom left if the description is too long.

I can't see how to do this, can anybody help?


If you need two or more textareas, you have to work with grouped shapes:
- Add a new textbox to the drawing.
- Group the new textbox and your old shape together.
- Place the custom properties no longer in your old shape, but in the group.
- Look at the name of the group, for example Sheet.123
- Go to textshape. Insert-Fields. Custom Formula = Sheet.123!Prop.MyProperty1
- Go to old shape. Textmodus (F2). Insert-Fields. Custom Formula = Sheet.123!Prop.MyProperty2