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Started by cminer, August 28, 2008, 01:54:32 PM

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I'm not new to Visio, but am not an advanced user. I work with decal art work for various craft trades. I was happy to see the Circular Text Generator (version 2) However, after downloading, I cannot figure out how to insert text. I have found and understand the smart shape data, etc.

So, once I have the stencil on the dwg page, how or where do I begin the text generation?

So happy but still a VISIO Beginner...

Please either post or email direct the help.....

Visio Guy

Hi cminer,

As the name implies, Circular Text Generator (version 2) is the second version of the tool, and it is a text generator, not a typical master shape that you drop from a stencil.

The first version can be found in this Visio Guy article: Circular Text Generator (version 1) There you'll find an explanation on how to run both versions of the circular text generator.

You have to run VBA code, which might involve security settings and trust. Once the VBA code has the OK from you, you simply click the button on the page to get the ball rolling.

- Chris
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