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Started by drewdb, August 18, 2008, 02:53:08 AM

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Hope i'm not asking too many question?

Is it possible to do the following?

I have a shape that i fill some of the shape data from an access database.
I have an action RUNADDON(DBU) that the user can right click and update the record in the database.
I have an action RUNADDON(NETWORK SHAPE PROPERTIES) to show the shape data and allow for editing.

Is it possible to add it to an event that will update the record when the user modifies is on the shape data properties section?

I've tried the "TheData" and "TheText" from the events section with no luck.


Does anyone know if this is at least possible or not so that i can move into another direction?

Thanks again.


Might try using the dependson function in the cell that does the update....something like this

prop.mycustompropertie = "hi bud"
user.my_cell_to_update_db = runaddonwarg(dbu)+dependson(prop.mycustompropertie)

This way, every time the prop cell changes via human typing in something else, the update cell is triggered.   I believe this will cause the runaddonwarg to fire...from there you know the drill.


Thanks for that, i will give this a try tomorrow. it makes sense.


Thanks for that. it works well. I couldn't get it to accept it at first but i found that
=RUNADDON("DBU")+DEPENDSON(Prop.CostPrice) worked.

Thanks again. Saves the users one more step.