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Excel sheet data viewing dynamicaly by mouse click on shapes

Started by kabisurya, March 25, 2011, 12:42:56 PM

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Hi Experts,

I searched forum, but could not find solution to my requirement. I apologize if I'm putting the query in wrong section.

I need to create some network documents/diagrams which would fetch data from Excel sheets.
The equipments in Visio diagrams, should show the fetched data in data graphic by any one of procedures "clicking on shapes", "right click and get menu to view relevent data", "viewing the data when mouse moved on to shape".
When i add any new shape, how can I enter data for new shape, and the entered data should be placed in a Excel sheet.

Thanks in advance


This might help you in understanding roundtripping of information between Visio and an external source (xml, excel, access).

If you want to go deeper some of these have projects over on codeplex



Thanks a lot Al for your reply and nice posts. ;D Currently I'm going through them to understand how it would be useful for me.

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