Microsoft Visio 2007 IP telephony Network Diagram from Excel sheet

Started by patel77, January 21, 2011, 03:37:26 PM

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Hi All,

I am very new to Visio 2007. I have done basic network diagrams using drag and drop boxes with some vendor specific stencils, but I am not professional.

I have a data on excel sheet having 140 rows and many colums. The data includes the one reference point to many different network connections. Basically, I have to prepare the visio for our telecom equipment connected accross the globe. We have avaya IP PBX at every country and connected through E1/T1 with the routers on the same room. The routers are also connected to our regional hubs through E1/T1 connections.

How to draw the visio automatically from this excel sheet? So that it will pick up the right Avaya ICON, Cisco Router and connect to the rigional hub with TXT attached to that line as E1/T1 as well as the locations TXT on each icon i.e. London, Florida, Paris........etc

Please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,


There is not automated facility to create the drawing you wish to have based on internal Visio functions. Your choices are to create it manually and then use datalinking (assumes you have v2007 Pro) to associate records with shapes, or write an application.




Thank you very much for your reply. I have visio 2007 Professional installed with me. I am agree with you that there is no automation except application. I have heard about some scripts/application can help to make it automated and I would like to know about it if anyone have any sample on it.

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For 140 rows it is probably faster (and less expensive) to do it manually than attempt an automated solution. Once your drawing is created then you can link your spreadsheet(s) to the appropriate shapes (site and link data).




This has some pointers to sample projects on automating diagram creation topics.